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Kelly Urso is accredited through ACARET as a Qualified Reflexology Instructor. She is approved by NCBTMB with students passing the ARCB national exam! She has extensive experience in the hospital setting with cancer and hospice patients, a private practice and has served as the President of the Reflexology Association of RI.
Choose Your Path 
At this time Reflexology is under the unlicensed health care act in RI. Professional training is important and there are different ways to reach educational standards. You may also receive credit for various classes you have already had! 

Reflexology level 1- 250hour Foot Certification with 110 in class hours. This class covers history, theory, anatomy and complete clinical practice of foot reflexology. It fulfills requirements to go forward with national certification by ARCB. 12 full training days. Certification with completion of written and practical exam, homework assignments and Internship hours $2350 Next Class to start Jan 2018

Are you a LMT? 50 hour certification NCBTMB approved 41 CEU hours for Reflexology 3 for Business and 3 Ethics $1395

Advanced Reflexology level 2 - 15 in class hours of advanced technique. Learn variations of the "thumb walk" and different methods of working the reflexes. Also tips to save your thumbs! $245

Introduction to ear and face reflexology-15 in class hours- learn a beginning map of reflexes on the ear and face. Start integrating these deeply relaxing and effective techniques into your practice. $245

Preparation for the national exam- study group to practice hands on location of reflexes as well as practice for the written exam. 15 in class hours. $245

Interested in Hand Reflexology?  
Hand Certification class 120 hr. 40 hr. in class  401-714-5722
Nancy Bartlett of RI

Policy and Procedure: Please contact Kelly Urso to register by phone or email. Classes generally run fall and winter. Checks and cash are preferred. Credit card accepted with fee. 

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