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Our Reflexology Services

Specializing in individualized sessions of hand, ear, face, and foot reflexology.

“ I am a cancer survivor. Treatment has taken a profound toll on my body physically and spiritually. Kelly’s reflexology session soothes both and I have relief from painful neuropathy !”   Susan H.
Foot Reflexology

Only socks and shoes are removed while reflex points on the feet are stimulated. Reflexology works through the nervous system to bring balance to the entire body. Brings relief to tired achy feet while decreasing pain and stress in the body!

30 min $50.00       60 min $90.00      90 min $125.00


Ear and Face Reflexology

Deeply profound results follow this Zen experience calming the mind.  Great for relieving neck and shoulder tension.

30 min $50.00       60 min $90.00      90 min $125.00


Hand Reflexology

Prefer hands? Enjoy the benefits of whole-body effects while releasing the fatigue in your hands. Great for those on computers or using hands frequently.

30 min $50.00       60 min $90.00      90 min $125.00



The method of balancing the body’s energy. Deeply peaceful, this ancient healing art can reduce or eliminate pain and accelerate healing. 

30 min $50.00    60 min $90.00

Ear Candling

A gentle and effective method for removing ear wax, clearing sinuses and energy pathways in the ear.

$85.00 Add 20 min face and ear reflexology $110.00

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